I didn’t find P. T. that scary (some spoilers ahead if you’re into that sort of thing). I don’t find horror entertainment scary though, particularly games. I think it’s because dying in game has no stakes for me whatsoever as it happens all the time in almost every game I play. Dying is no different than when I die in Mario, I still just go back a ways and try again. So what am I supposed to be scared of? Seeing something scary? I aint afraid of no ghost. Something jumping out? That happens in every game. I’m also very aware of the creator’s hand in the experience, and I know thinks will follow a certain arc or design. for example, as soon as the basement door looped back to the beginning of the hallway, I realized that most or all of the game would be the same hallway getting creepier and creepier as the game tries to mess with your mind and reveals more and more clues as to what’s happening without ever really telling you. Even if this had not happened, I would have just been surprised and pleased that the game had subverted my expectations but not scared. This isn’t to say that the game is bad. I recognize it as good design, and I enjoy good design. The game’s primary form of engagement is scaring the player though, and I don’t find it scary.

More importantly though, that baby wasn’t scary. It was a jellybean with a little mouth and flippers. Sure there was a demon speaking through him trying to drive you insane and suck you into hell or something, but pretty much all jellybeans do that.