John has gotten to the point in Zombi U that he’s encountered special types of zombies. I haven’t had much experience with them myself, but John has not been happy with a few of them (any comparison to the jockey should be taken very seriously). The first one he told me about was the ghost zombie. He apparently had to run into a building and fell through the floorboards. He landed in the basement on top of a giant pile of dead babies (as I type that out it really seems untrue, but that’s how I remember it). Then, as he was wandering around in the dark, a ghost screamed in his face and quickly retreated. He found a zombie in the corner of the room that was apparently projecting the spectre.

Now, while John found the ghost zombie (I think it’s officially called the possessed zombie) scary, he didn’t hate it. He didn’t feel an unspeakable rage every time he saw one. He never accused the game of cheating when he was killed by one. All of that was reserved for the oxygen tank zombie. He is essentially exactly the same as a normal zombie, but when they die, they explode. This wildly throws off John’s normal strategy of beating them to death with a cricket bat. I’m not sure what about crushing a walking corps’s skull to pulp makes enough of a spark to cause an oxygen tank to explode, but I guess I’ll buy it. Also, apparently all of the oxygen tank zombies were at one time either people that require them for medical purposes or scuba divers; this combined with how easily they explode makes me wonder how so many of them survived to kill John.

I think the main thing thing you should get from this is that I like to see how much I can write about something that I have very little first hand experience with. I really feel like I dropped the ball with my Far Cry 3 post. I had at least another paragraph in me.

Oh, also video game bats are awful. We thought it would be really easy to think of enemies we really hated, but almost all of them were essentially just bats. The Medusa heads from Castlevania came to mind, but they really fill the same roll as bats, flying around, ruining everyone’s day. The only other one we thought of was the turtles that made you kill yourself from Goemon’s Great Adventure, but I don’t think man people actually played that game.

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