Our current theory on this is that, as it’s the only thing that the mushroom kingdom seems to produce, Toads must in fact eat mushrooms. We assume they don’t actually eat each other though, and as we’ve shown earlier, the 1-up and power mushrooms are not necessarily separate from that. As such, we must assume that goombas are the main food source of the kingdom. This leads us to believe that the goombas Mario fights are actually freedom fighters rising up against their oppressors who come at night to devour their young, and Bowser has lent his assistance to their cause by removing their dictator. This isn’t to say Peach or Mario is evil; neither of them seem quite aware enough of what’s happening for that. I see each as an oblivious puppet monarch totally ignorant to the horrors happening under her nose. And, of course, Mario is an unstoppable engine of destruction. He just moves forward, stomping anything in his way to oblivion. If he had come out of his pipe and seen an army of mushroom men attacking the castle of a giant turtle monster, he would have crushed them and left a trail of destruction straight to their home kingdom where he dropped their strangely human leader into a pit of lava.