John and I are pumped for the new Harvest Moon coming out, and it takes a bit of preparation. Although this shows (comic) John throwing Karen to the side, we would never betray our Harvest Moon 64 wives. They were the first and finest.

Since this is the last comic we made before putting this site up, this is probably the first one most of you are seeing. Well, this is Ready Soup, a comic by John McDevitt and Scott H Mitchell. I am Scott, and I will be writing pretty much everything you read on the site while John will be handling the art. There are 17 comics before this one which you can get to with the “older” arrow or by the archive button on the bottom of the screen. We update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting this Monday. The site is still going through changes, so expect more to be added soon. Thanks for checking us out. I hope you enjoy what we’re doing here.