John and I both got Wii Us yesterday, and we are loving them. I would honestly be happy with anything that allowed me to play a new New Super Mario Bros. game, but the system is solid on top of that. I have enjoyed almost all of the Nintendo Land games I’ve tried ( neither of us have been able to gather enough people for the party games, and the Yoshi game was just boring) especially Metroid Blast which John and I played up through the first boss of this morning. Zombi U is absolutely incredible, but only John picked it up, so I haven’t played much of it. That said, I’m willing to say it’s the best zombie game I’ve ever seen. Having a new survivor replace the one you were controlling each time you die adds to the tone of the game in a way I’ve never seen. If you are a zombie fan, it might be worth buying the system for if it stays as good as what I’ve seen. It also has a multiplayer mode in which one player uses the gamepad to send zombies after other survivors, but the wiimote/nunchuk controls for the survivors are awful, and neither of us has a pro controller. We should be trying it out soon though.

A lot of reviewers have been complaining about some wonky interface issues and a huge firmware update, but don’t let this discourage you from the system. The firmware update is huge, but the system runs fine without it. If you’re that concerned, just play offline until you have time to downlod it when you’re not playing ( I did while watching Dexter last night). As far as the interface, I’m calling shenanigans on the reviewers there. I think they’re diving deeper into it than necessary to find some minor flaws. my experience has been overwhelmingly positive simply because you can navigate with the gamepad. everything just controls smoother than any other system’s dashboard, and that’s without even taking the keyboard into account (it’s wonderful). I think a lot of people are forgetting how bad the interfaces of the 360 and PS3 are. They’re really abysmal. We’re just used to using them. Th Wii U is at least as good as them.

On an unrelated note, I had some issues loading the website last night when I went to post the comic. Since then, everything has been fine, but if any of you have been having problems with the site, please inform us.

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