John got a new dog a few weeks ago, a little mixed breed that he thinks has some lab and some corgi in her. Her full name is Melody Williams, Geography teacher. We were thinking of giving her a creator credit at the bottom of all our comics as she’s now always there when we write, but be decided that she probably isn’t adding much to the creative process seeing as she can’t speak English. On the other hand, we did write this comic, so I guess she’s inputting something. We actually had a conversation very similar to the one in the comic, but he was talking to me because the dog and owner pair we were referring to was too collectively hideous in comparison to John and Melody to engage in conversation with. Also, I don’t think it was a pug. We just wanted to use the title.

This Saturday, John and I are doing a bit of an experiment. We’ll each be doing hourly comics for six hours, probably starting at 11:00. We’re not sure how this will turn out, but if it works, we may do it every Saturday. We’ll be posting on out own tumblr accounts. Here’s mine, and here’s John’s. Check it out tomorrow.