Borderlands 2 is great. I’d like to be playing more, but as expected, we’ve been having trouble getting the team together. Still though, John and I have managed to get to level 8 with our two-player characters, and we’re having a blast. A lot of the issues I had with the first game (there weren’t many) are fixed. I’m not sure what they did to present the story better than before, but I actually understand what’s going on. It’s not that I found the last game’s story confusing, but between not being the host in control of missions and not being able to understand what people were saying I had no idea why we were doing anything. I think the best thing the new game has going for it in this regard is that the main speakers, Claptrap and Handsome Jack, are a joy to listen too. I pay more attention because I laugh every time they speak.

I (Scott) have been making comics myself for about a week on my personal tumblr account including a follow up to my Star Wars comic from a few weeks ago.