I hate going to Gamestop. I wouldn’t mind the pushy salesmen as much if they were ever pushing a game I wanted. I don’t think I have ever been asked if I was preordering a game that I eventually bought. It’s always Call of Duty or Battlefield or any of the other hundred games exactly like them. I would actually be happy if they said, “Are you preordering the new Harvest Moon? We’re getting in a small shipment, so it might be tough to get.”

I heard somewhere that they might change their sales tactics because they had so many people preorder this season and not pick up the game. I’m actually included in that statistic. I preordered Skyward Sword after the cashier at gamestop told me that the store would have a midnight release. The night before it came out, I called the store, and they told me there would be no midnight release, so I went to Kmart the next morning and got it three hours before Gamestop opened.