I wish we had made this up. A company called Ceiling Fan made bots for World of Warcraft to level up characters and had people pay a monthly fee to use them (yes that means that thousands of people payed a fee to play a game and another equal fee to not play said game). This is clearly against Blizzard’s terms of use agreement, and Ceiling Fan warned their customers as much on their website. Now after a long legal battle, they owe Blizzard roughly seven million dollars, and they’re asking for donations to help with it and their own lawyer’s legal fees.

The worst part is that they’ll probably get a lot of money. People seem to think they have a right to play a game like WoW however they want. This just isn’t true. Blizzard needs to spend money to keep things running, and they have a right to deny you service in order to do so. I just can’t imagine Blizzard didn’t first send a cease and desist and offer a chance to settle out of court before actually going to trial with this. what was Ceiling Fan thinking? They knew it was against the terms of use, they knew they had cost Blizzard money spent moderating, and they must have known none of that mattered because Blizzard can afford way better lawyers than them.