One of the things I really like about Kirby is that he has endured as one of Nintendo’s core intellectual properties despite being one of the most incredibly bare bones concepts I’ve ever seen. The design of Kirby himself is essentially a pink ball with a mouth (which isn’t terribly different from Pacman, but that’s a different matter), the story is completely nonexistent, and even the actual gameplay is loose and wildly changes from game to game. The crazy thing is that I still love the games though. He’s adorable and I love platformers, so why not? Just because they’re super easy and wildly inconsistent in format doesn’t mean they’re not good. It’s like the purpose of the franchise is that Nintendo can do whatever they want with almost any aspect of a game and still have it sell. If that is the case, it’s actually pretty awesome and bold.

I do like to speculate on video game worlds though, so here we go. Now, I know the sane answer to this question is, “whatever it needs to be for the given game, But I think we all need to be asking ourselves, “What is Dreamland?” Is it a land Kirby is dreaming? Is it a land inhabited by different people’s dreams? In that case, is Kirby supposed to be me dreaming or a manifestation of the entire dream I am having interacting with the manifestations of other people’s dreams? Am I supposed to be King Dedede and Kirby is the great maw that haunts my dreams as I wrestle with the moral turmoil brought on by stealing all the food from neighboring kingdoms in order to feed my own? Is Kirby’s pink, malleable form meant to be a reflection of my own insecurities as I change my personality to fit into whatever group I’m in? Perhaps Dreamland is the real world and we all live in Kirby’s dream. Maybe Dream means hill or something in Watledeese and we’re just wildly misinterpreting things.