The saying is that is you type your name followed by “the hedgehog” into Google, you will find a Sonic the Hedgehog original character of that name. This is of course truer than I ever expected, but did you know that you can do a similar thing by using “the pony?” It’s actually pretty incredible. Not only is the My Little Pony fandom much newer than that of Sonic the Hedgehog’s, the characters are not known as “blank” the pony; that’s just the best thing John and I could think of to type into Google. We found some weird stuff when we searched for the crossover, and we even left out the porn part.

Now, I’d like to address the fact that we left porn off of the pie chart. This seems crazy. The internet is nothing but porn, right? Shouldn’t  it be the entire chart? No. It’s not true. If you type “ron the hedgehog” into Google image search, the first picture is not of Ron Jeremy (at least it isn’t as I write this). It’s a Sonic the Hedgehog original character. I don’t know what to think anymore.