Contrary to the implication of this comic, Neither John nor I actually like Girl Scout Cookies all that much. It’s not that I think they’re bad, just not any better than any other cookies. Also, I don’t really like cookies that much. I’m starting to think that their entire popularity is based on some bizarre cultural pressure to like them. The truth is, you can find a pretty good imitation of any of the types of Girl Scout Cookies at any given time.  This is especially true for the Shortbread Cookies. They’re just shortbread cookies. you can get them at any grocery store and they’ll taste exactly the same.

That said, Caramel Delights are by far the best kind, and if you think any differently, you’re wrong and should feel bad about yourself.

Seriously though, the cookie finder is really creepy. I guess there’s nothing actually wrong with it, but even going to the website to research this comic made me feel dirty. I had every intention of going my entire life without ever going online to find the closest place for me to find underage girls. Now, I can’t really say that. Also, who needs help finding Girl Scout Cookie sellers? they’re everywhere. just go to the nearest grocery store.