Although it’s a seemingly arbitrary limitation, the 100 friend cap for the Wii U’s Miiverse gaming network is way more than I will ever need, so I really couldn’t care less. I fact, if I were to ever accumulate 100 friends (and my past friends lists would point to this not happening), I would take it as a sign that I need to cut down. I can see why someone would be annoyed about it though. It’s pretty random.

I actually love Monita. At first I found her (I’m assuming it’s a her because the name sounds feminine) irritating, but she has really grown on me as I kept playing Nintendo Land. I think it’s her monotone celebrations that really sold me on her. She says, “You can see message from all over the world. Yay,” and It’s like she’s trying so hard to show emotion but just can’t. Her only outlet is to dress as Dark Monita and wreak havoc, albeit in the controlled and enjoyable way her programing allows for, on the park visitors.