I’d like to start by saying that I have watched, and enjoyed, a lot of anime in my day. Through my many years of watching these Japanese cartoons I’ve become quite discerning when it comes to quality of a show. Attack on Titan is a show that is getting a lot of love and recognition on the internet. People have compared it to Full Metal Alchemist and Berserk, two of my all time favorite shows, and are saluting its “no fanservice” approach to female characters. I have read more than 15 chapters of the manga and seen one episode of the anime. Attack on Titan is comedy. For everyone out there that loves it, please tell me why. It must have some hidden trait that everyone else can see, but when I look, giant naked people occupy the screen. It’s just so clearly some guy’s Macrophillia or Crush-fetish-erotic-fiction gone too far. Saying that it has no fanservice is assuming that fanservice can only mean one thing. Every time a titan pops some poor teenage solider into their mouth a fan has been serviced, I can promise you that.