If you’re wondering who Don Mattrick is, He was the guy onstage when Microsoft delivered what is very likely the worst E3 press conference of all time, the on that was so bad that Sony could give a wildly successful one by simply saying, “we’re not Microsoft.” And If you don’t know what Zynga is, it’s the company that made Farmville and other Facebook games and was all but printing money roughly two years ago, the ones who have done nothing successful since and who’s stock has plummeted. Now since E3, Mattrick has stepped down (I’m assuming less than voluntarily) from his position at Microsoft and been hired at Zynga. The interesting thing about the whole siuation to me is that I don’t think he would have needed to step down if he hadn’t been the person onstage. He isn’t leaving because he lead the development of a system that now has a terrible reputation before it’s released. He’s leaving because he was the person who delivered the news that everybody hated.