While enjoying this comic, I think it’s best to listen to the appropriate musics of Season or Ages. Yes, I do know they are the same song but we don’t play favorites in the ReadySoup household. Maple the Witch is an aggravating situation. Her capacity to help can be great if, by slim chance, she drops a ring or a heart piece but most of the time she’ll just show up to drop completely unnecessary rupees on the floor and then challenge you to clean up her mess faster than she can. All the while I’m supposed to be saving the world. Our priorities here don’t really seem to match up, mine being 1: save the world; 2-1,000,000,000: anything else; 1,000,000,001: picking up Maple’s loose change.

I’ve been playing a great deal of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages; at the time this post goes live I hope to have just finished with Level 5 Crown Dungeon. Both Ages and Seasons are just extraordinary games. It is a shame a third iteration for the green goddess Farore never came to light. I remember as a child feeling there was a void created when this series known for its use of triangles ended after only showing two sides.


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