Apparently, the great innovators of Japan have recently made a new pee controlled urinal game in which you go head to head with the ghost score of the last person who peed at the urinal. Pee controlled games have been around for a while, but as far as I know, this is the first one that directly compares your ability to pee with someone else’s. That is something I crave. I’ve often wondered how different each person’s peeing is. It’s one of those things you never get to compare, kind of like how we can never know if other people see colors differently. I think this game is a creative way to learn more about what makes each of us unique without having to watch each other urinate. As a bonus it makes a competition out of something we tie (rather erroneously and largely subconsciously) to virility and masculinity.

I think the concept should be taken a step further, and a sit-down style modification of the game should replace our home toilets. Metaphorical walls would get proverbially torn down and families would get to know each other all the better. Plus, every Sunday we could find out who won pooping that week.