I remember being really sad whenever Ash would give up one of his Pokemon. I was playing the Pokemon at the time (not that I ever stopped), and I could never imagine giving up, or even trading for the most part, any of my Pokemon. And mine only existed in a game. Eventually the sadness turned to confusion and anger. Why would Ash do this? It doesn’t make any sense. It all led me to the first time I ever really dissected a show and figured out how it worked and why it did what it did. In order for a show that no one plans on ever ending to keep going, it has to stay fresh and cycle things out. This certainly isn’t news to anyone, but for someone who had never understood a show on a meta level like that, it’s quite the revelation. Now, I love figuring out a show’s thesis or high concept and understanding why it’s written the way it is; some of my favorite shows like Doctor Who or Community rely on it to a certain degree, but there is still a sense of lost innocence.

I really like two of the new starters. Chespin and Froakie are great. I really like the woodland creature vibe I get from them. While Fennekin still has this, I’m just not digging it. I’m not really sure why.

As I write this, I realize I would have liked to throw in a snaky comment about getting a new “lucky hat,” but it’s too late now.