I’ve never really understood the appeal of cosplay. The payoff doesn’t seem substantial enough for the amount of work put into the costumes. For me, looking like a character is too fleeting a goal. When the cosplayer is finished wearing the costume, they no longer look like the character. They still have the costume, but that isn’t really the finished product; them in the costume is the finished product. On the other hand, if I put my artistic efforts into, let’s say, painting, I would have a complete painting at the end. This may seem silly to some people, but it would really bother me if I wanted to cosplay. It’s the reason I don’t like acting in plays.

What bothers me even though I don’t cosplay is the fact that they call it “cosplaying” instead of “dressing as” or “wearing a costume.” There is no good reason to create a new word to describe what cosplayers do. It serves no purpose but confusing people who have never heard of it.

That said, I have no problem with cosplayers at all. I just have absolutely no desire to cosplay myself.