You may be asking yourself, “Why does Mitch suddenly have a beard?” And that would be a very good question. I could tell you it’s for no-shave-November or that I have a beard and we want him to look more like me or that we just felt like changing up his look a bit on for the time being, but instead, I’ll tell you the truth. Much like Tim Allen, Mitch turns into Santa every year around Christmas, and this is just the first step in that journey. We can’t go with him where he’s going, but we wish him luck.

Alternatively, you could be a new reader. In that case, the guy with the beard is Mitch, and the guy with the eye-patch is John. There’s also an otter that doesn’t show up nearly as much.

The animation of the Pikmin carrying all of your Wii save data to your Wii U is adorable and fun, but it does bring up my first major complaint with the Wii U, you need to go into a separate menu that works like the Wii menu to use anything to do with the Wii. This wouldn’t be nearly as awful if you then couldn’t use any of the Wii U’s functionality. Not only do you need to use the Wiimote to navigate instead of the gamepad, you can’t play virtual console titles on the gamepad. Which sucks because I’ll tell you something, I would go through as many menus as possible if it meant I could play Ghosts and Goblins while watching SVU all day every Tuesday. Hopefully this is only temporary, and when the Wii U’s own virtual console launches, the two will combine somehow.