To be clear, this is by far the least disgusting comic we thought of titled crotch_dogs. We had a number of other rhyme-based comics stemming from our complete lack of desire to play or learn anything about Watch_Dogs. We had Watch_Hogs, a game about hacking the tall grass by seeing over it to make sure trainers catch other pokemon, Watch_Blogs, a game consisting entirely of hitting the follow button on Tumblr, Watch_Smaug, a game where you play as a dragon vooced by Benedict Cumberbatch as he hacks his way through the Chicago underworld, Swatch_Dogs, an Airbud style game about a dog that helps his master win the school sewing competition, Watch_Fog, a game in which an old man falls during his early morning walk and has no choice but to watch the fog roll over him as he waits for death to come, Botched_Cogs, a game about clocks that don’t work because someone messed up making the gears, and of course the original Crotch _Dogs, a game about a Lady with- you know what? There’s a reason we didn’t make it.