When we set out to write a comic for today, we realized it’s been an extremely long lime since we’ve actually used the characters we created for this comic strip. We almost went all of August in fact. I’m sure there are a few of you readers who have no idea who any of the people in this comic are. Particularly though, we’ve been neglecting Micheal Otters. It’s been 33 comics. That’s 11 weeks. That’s about 3 months. And really, he didn’t do anything in the last comic he was in. John just farted on him. It’s only natural for a man (or a somewhat anthropomorphic aquatic mammal) to turn to rather unusual hobbies when he’s been so forgotten by his creators.

I have no problems with the basic concept of bishoujo figurines in and of themselves. It’s certainly not my thing, but if tiny, erotically-posed statues of anime girls gets your boat floating, more power to you. I also wouldn’t want something that gets my humpback breaching to be sitting in plain sight on my shelf so that every time I look to the left of my computer my nether-gumbo gets all stirred up, but once again, there’s nothing wrong with liking that. My issue is really that the figurines seem to be presented as more than a porn stand-in. There’s no reason to have them all come with scraps of clothing as if no one will notice how sexualized the girl on her hands and knees with enormous breasts licking an invisible man-banana is, and there’s no reason to have the website you order them from censored as if the people ordering might not look at their nipples when they get them. I guess it’s no big deal and is really a private matter, but It all just strikes me as dishonest in a way that really bothers me.