It occurs to me that I could look through my old Knuckles the Echidna comics and find out the actual reason that he can fly (I think he actually glides. One more lie), but where’s the fun in that? This comic is a pretty good example of what the entire writing process of Ready Soup is like. We either have stupid conversations like this or pretend to pitch comics we or someone else has already made to each other. For example, I’ll say, “Let’s make a comic where Micheal Otters goes to kick a football, but John pulls it away at the last second, and he falls on his ass,” or John will say, “How about Mitch hates Mondays and then eats a lot of lasagna.” We probably say about ten of these every time we write. Really, you’d think the bit would get old, but we keep doing it. Also we play classic RPGs and watch Power Rangers. We do that a lot.