And thus our story ends happily. Our hero has completed his quest, found the woman he loves, and given her the gift he toiled over for so long. What happens now? Where will the future lead these two lovers? That is for Harvest Moon Day to decide.

And now, the epic conclusion of the legend of Harvest Moon Day. We left off with an imminent school day and an end to the playing of Harvest Moon. John and I were distraught. We could hardly imagine going a day without farming, but all we could do was go to sleep that night resigned to our fate. Then, a miracle happened. The skies opened and let loose a wintery tempest. We awoke to unnavigable roads and the announcement that school had been cancelled. We could keep playing, keep farming, and keep wooing the women of Forget-me-not Valley. Thus on February 15, 2004, Extended Play Day was born.

So join us tomorrow in celebrating the most magical of holidays, Harvest Moon Day, by playing your favorite iteration of the series, and the next day, pay homage to the miracle of Extended Play Day by continuing to do so.