Defeat. What will our hero do? His quest for the affections of this fiery haired lass have been thwarted by her equally fiery haired but significantly more oblivious father. Will the corn he labored over for so long go to waste? Must he stow it away in his satchel for another day? Where could she be?

As for part two of the legend of Harvest Moon Day, we left off with John and I purchasing and greatly enjoying Harvest Moon: It’s a Wonderful Life. So it continued for the entire day of February 14, but trouble was on the horizon. That magical day had fallen upon a Sunday, and as we were just youngsters, John and I had to attend school the following day. What were we to do? Wonderful Life had unprecedentedly long days. Neither of us had made it through summer. We weren’t ready to spend an entire day not playing. How could we go on?

I leave you now with two seemingly doomed tales. Will either end happily? Will the Magic of Harvest Moon Day find a way to make everything right? Find out Monday as both our stories conclude.