And so our story begins. What drives our hero to work so hard? What fire burns within him pushing him to such lengths? What about a simple corn crop would have him tending it until he passes out? He could get sick like that. You’ll just have to wait and see as this three part Harvest Moon Day extravaganza continues.

Now as promised, I will tell part one of the legend of Harvest Moon Day. On February 14, 2004 Harvest Moon: It’s a Wonderful Life came out on the Nintendo Gamecube. John and I both bought it and reveled in its glory. Okay, part one isn’t very interesting, but stick with us. Suspense, intrigue, and just a touch of divinity await you in parts two and three.

It should be noted that sites like Wikipedia may refute certain parts of this legend like the release date of a certain game that it revolves around, but all legends have skeptics, and I know what I saw.