Hope everyone that celebrates had a happy Thanksgiving. Nothing can stop ReadySoup though. We don’t take breaks. Except for the blog post. I guess “John doesn’t take breaks” is a bit more accurate.

That poor fish from Mario. He just wants love. That’s why he swims back and forth and jumps at you, to be close to you. He doesn’t know his own strength though, and he always ends up murdering the Toads and plumbers like so many Curley’s Wives. It’s a tragic tale. At best, it ends with him left alone to spend his life with idiotic squids. At worst, he gets hit in the face with a fireball by the object of his affection.

We really like writing comics about Toads and using his name as much as possible, but I think this one has the worst pun we’ve ever used. It’s cool though. I regret nothing.

Also, we continue to have issues with the site running quickly, so I’m going to repost the contact information I did last week. If you have issues please tell us. It’s be a big help.

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That page used to be my Tumblr, but it morphed into a comic (If you look, the beginning is mostly pictures of Stephanie Brown). I’ll probably make a new page that is for posting random things soon though.

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