Awww yeah, Megazord! It’s about time for these Sages to kick some butt! The choices for the Megazord’s parts were many, but I think Scott and I picked a fine sampling for each of the Sages: Big Goron head with Triforce of Wisdom crest sitting comfortably amongst the branches of the Great Deku tree. Arms of the Goddess of Sand and monster from the bottom of the well Dead Hand. And finally, legs made from the Zoras guardian deity, Lord Jabu-Jabu. He’s got a very goofy look and lopsided feel that I just find so very endearing.


With this page I had a lot of fun drawing each sage in its own panel. Getting to see each Sage on its own I feel gives them more character and personality . My personal favorite so far is the Green Sage Saria. She’s┬áso tiny and adorable; she would just be the perfect mascot – always cheering on the more powerful Sage Rangers and getting herself into trouble.Who is your favorite Sage Ranger so far? What would you have put in the Megazord? Let us know in the comments.