And here we are, Sages with Attitude: Part 4. I hope you all enjoyed reading this story as much as I did making it. It really got me to push the limits of what I can produce here at ReadySoup. I think it is important to step outside your comfort zone even if it is just by a little bit.


So they all died, but hopefully you kind of knew that going in. I guess I better tag this with a spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t beaten a game that came out some 16 years ago.



All the Sages die.


Well, except for Zelda…if Link is doing his job, that is. Which he clearly isn’t – I mean, look at him dancing around in that last panel. Like a damn fool.


Scott should be back on task and we will be writing hilarious video game comics for Monday. Thank you all for reading ReadySoup, both this past sage-tastic week and from the beginning. I hope to continue to keep your readership with better and better comics and projects in the future. This is John signing off, and I’ll see you on Monday with something funny, like a poop joke or something.